Weird Body Shape

I’m definitely losing weight, but where I’m losing weight is strange.

Before this journey I had relatively thin legs, a little butt, wide feet, and small-ish breasts. The first place I noticed a reduced size was in my feet. Weird! (see my post from June 18) Then my breasts, butt, and legs! The places I didn’t need to lose! I went from a B cup bra to a saggy A.

Then I noticed I was smaller in my shoulders. Instead of my arms angling out in an upside-down V, then were more straight up and down because of the lack of body fat on my sides. I measured the other day and my bra band size has gone from 54 to 46. Do you know how hard it is to find bras in a 46A? I think it’s even harder than a 54B, which I used to wear.

I have always had a big belly. Here I am, over 80 lbs lighter, and I *still* have a big belly! Annoying! I’m down about 2 sizes in pants, but my belly is still my most pronounced feature. Frustrating! A bunch of it is loose skin; I will definitely be having plastic surgery, hopefully as soon as next year.

Finally, another really frustrating area for me is the mons area, the area covering the pubic bone. Mins has always been very full. Now it’s like a deflated ballon. Definitely on the list for plastic surgery!