More walking!

I’ve recently been able to walk even more. I love walking with the dog! She wants to go for lots of walks, so that encourages me. We have a couple of recent routes in the neighborhood, one of which is about 3/4 of a mile and one is about 2/3 of a mile. Not marathons, but a miracle compared to what I used to be able to do.


Today at the basketball game at Maples Pavilion I walked from the car and back, and I walked to the T-shirt stand back. But the big news is that between each quarter I walked all the way around the arena. I did this at a pretty fast clip, got a little bit out of breath, but it all felt good and my back only hurt a little. This is a huge accomplishment.

Bought some clothes in “regular” sizes

I decided to look for some cute, sexy clothes for an upcoming weekend retreat. Just a few things, because I’m still changing sizes. I went to Kohl’s, a regular department store, not a large size store. I ended up getting a sweatshirt, a few T-shirts, and one cute blouse. It was completely weird for me to be able to shop in the regular sizes! The clothes I bought were L or XL. The XXL shirts I picked out were definitely too big. It’s kinda surreal.

In pants I’m still big; an XL fits but is snug, and some XLs were too small.

So weird

Diabetes meds – less and less

Another evolving non-scale victory: I have not had to take my diabetes pills (metformin) for 3 weeks. (I take it based on my fasting blood sugar.) I’ve had to take a few doses of my nighttime insulin during that time, but I’m pleased so far.

Leather Pants!

I’ve never owned a pair of leather pants because I could never find a pair big enough for me. Today Rio was cleaning out some piles of donations, and came across a pair that looked like it might fit me, so I tried it on just for fun. It fit! I expect (hope!) they won’t fit in a while, but for now it’s pretty cool!


I walked about 1/2 mile today, and climbed 2 flights of steps. This may not seem like a lot, but for someone who, until this year, had to get on a mobility scooter to even walk into a store, this is amazing. Oh, and never got out of breath. I guess I need to walk faster next time!

Sometimes it’s the little things…

I just went to have blood work, and in our lab there’s this little padded shelf that swings down in front of you that you place your arm on to make it easier for the phlebotomist. In the past, that little shelf hit my belly, and it was really horrible. Today I had several inches between my belly and a little shelf. Another NSV!

It Fits!

Got this as a gift. I was pretty sure the top would fit, but not the bottoms. But it all fits! OMG! I haven’t fit it in this size since I was in college. Wow!