Thrift Store Clothes

I’m a big fan of “reuse” in clothes; I love to shop at thrift stores. But because of my size I haven’t been able to find anything that fit me for many years.

Dani went to a thrift store today and came back with two shirts and two pairs of shorts for me. The shorts are size 36 and 40 (men’s), and I’m still pretty big around the waist, so it will be a while before they fit. The two shirts are a little snug, but are close to being my size. They are a size XL! I haven’t worn an XL since… I can’t remember when! I have been a 4XL for many years. I remember being a 3XL maybe 20 years ago, but don’t have a solid memory of anything smaller than that for probably 30 years.

Weird, but kinda cool