Plastic Surgery Consult

Had my first consult on Monday with Dr. Bermudez in San Francisco. He came highly recommended by another WLS patient. He was great! He is in network with my insurance and is submitting right away for a panniculectomy, and the mons lift is included. I’ll also have a hernia repair at the same time. He recommended against a tummy tuck because I have a lot of subcutaneous fat in my upper belly and he thinks it won’t heal well, especially at my higher BMI (currently 35). Depending on how I feel about the result and how well I heal, that could be dealt with later.

Assuming all goes well I might go back for my arms and a breast lift (no implants), which includes all of the loose skin on the sides too. He quoted $26K for that. It’s definitely higher than I’ve seen elsewhere but this is SF and everything is more expensive.

I’m on a Facebook group for people who’ve had plastic surgery after weight loss, and it’s been great in terms of understanding the procedures and what to ask the surgeon. I went through all of the questions and he took lots of time to make sure I understood everything.

Can’t wait!


Haven’t lost an ounce in a few weeks. In fact, I got down to 213 back up to 216, back down to 215. Hovering there. Sigh.

Mobility today!

I felt so mobile today! I took the dog on a couple of walks, stood up a lot in the kitchen while cooking, harvested plums, collected the trash, took out the compost, and walked around the new construction with others. Have walked almost 6,000 steps and climbed 4 flights of stairs today. While I’m not running any marathons, I’m strong and active. What a thrill!

Traveling without the Scooter

I took a trip June 15-25, first to a conference in Atlanta, then work in Manhattan, then visiting family in Rockland County, NY. I agonized over whether or not to take my scooter. I ended up not taking it, for the first time in 6 years. I did great! I hedged my bets by getting wheelchairs to and from all of the planes. Towards the end I probably could have walked, but standing is hard, so just as well because I didn’t have to stand on line.


The next step in the journey…

100 Pounds!

One year and 3 days after my surgery, 21 months after starting my journey, I hit 100 pounds lost, total.

In bariatric circles that’s pretty slow. But it’s steady, so I can’t complain too much.