My Miracle

I can now walk 1.25 miles with relative ease, with only mild back pain. A year ago I couldn’t walk across my house without pain.

I can now stand and cook and do dishes for short periods of time. A year ago I had to sit after just a couple of minutes.

I now have an occasional day where I get out of bed with only mild pain. A year ago it was a mental struggle to get out of bed because I knew I would be in a lot of pain as soon as I stood up.

I have an upcoming trip to Atlanta and NY, and am musing over whether or not I could do it without my scooter. Not sure I can do it, but if I can, it would be the first time in 6 years.

I still have a long way to go, but it feels like a miracle.

The Joy of Walking

I used to walk a LOT. Like every day I would get up at 6 and take a 2-3 mile walk around my neighborhood. While I was off work 11 years ago I would drive to a local trail and walk 3-4 miles. I love being outdoors, and love walking. I walked 4-6 times a week, even in the rain with a big rain poncho on.

When I injured my back in 2014 I had to stop those walks. Actually most walks. I started going to the gym to get exercise, but nothing feels like walking outdoors. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until this year, when I started walking again. In January I posted about walking half a mile, and it was an amazing victory for me. When I decided I wanted a dog I pushed myself to be able to walk to the park and back, about half a mile, and now I have my precious Esther and I do that most days. Rio and I walk together when we can – what a joy to share the outdoor while we walk and chat and train Esther together.

Yesterday our shared walk was 0.9 miles. When I woke up this morning I felt good, and decided that instead of my quick walk with Esther to the park, I would plan a longer walk in the neighborhood. Here’s what I did:

This is the longest walk I’ve done in 8 years. And I feel great!