Today I went into my office. For the second time, I went in without my scooter.

After that, I went to a team lunch (vaccinated people), and walked from my car to the restaurant, About a block or so, without my scooter, and without a lot of pain. I’d taken a Tylenol before all of this so that would help reduce the pain a little bit, but I’m so proud to have been able to walk so far

Creeping along

It’s extremely common to have many “stalls” along the way, times when your body stops losing weight, kind of playing “catch up”. I have only lost a few pounds over the last few weeks. I know this is normal, and I know it will kick in again, but it’s really hard not to be depressed about it. Plus my back has been unhappy for a few days. Overall it’s been tough. Sticking with it, though.

No Insulin for 2 weeks!

I just realized that it’s been 2 weeks since my blood sugars were at a level that I needed to take insulin. However my A1C is a bit higher (6.2), so we may tighten controls so I will need to take it again. We’ll see. But I’m still happy with the progress.

Clothing getting big; food while visiting

I went to visit my nephew and his family, along with my mom and sister, and felt weird in my clothes. The pants are very loose, although not falling down. (OK, falling a little bit if I put my phone in the pocket!) The top keeps slipping off my shoulders. Very weird.

We ordered food for lunch. I got a protein bowl which was just 4 meatballs, some steamed broccoli, and 1/2 an avocado. I ate about 3/4 of a meatball, about 5 pieces of broccoli, and about 1/4 of the avocado. It felt weird to eat so little, but I brought it home for later. It was also great to just be able to order regular food off the menu. Nobody paid the slightest attention to how much I ate, so I felt comfortable just sharing the tasty food and the wonderful company.

Back update, and New Recipe

My back is definitely doing better today. Was able to do yoga. Also, since I’m over a month out, was able to do some ab work: I can tell I haven’t done this for a while! I actually really love exercising because of how I feel afterwards – strong! I’m looking forward to my back continuing to improve, and going for a WALK.

I also tried out a new recipe, something called a “chaffle”. Basically just egg and cheese in a waffle iron. You can optionally add other things like veggies. I have a little 4″ mini waffle iron that’s perfect for this! One egg and 1/4 cup of cheese makes 2 chaffles. Yummy! Here’s a picture, although I forgot to take a picture before eating so this is only 1/4 of one.

An interesting illustration of how much I can eat: I ate two of these, which was basically the whole egg and some cheese, with a little Smart Balance on top, and I am FULL. Actually maybe a little too full. Next time I’ll eat only one, and see how I do.

Diabetes Meds: great progress

Every morning and every night I check my blood sugar. Based on those values, I might have to take one Metformin in the morning and some amount of Lantus (insulin) at night. The wonderful news is that since 6/16 I have taken Lantus only 3 times, totaling 53 units, and one Metformin on about 2/3 of the days, for a total of 14 pills. During that time period last year I would have taken 3,780 units of Lantus and 105 Metformin pills. Amazing!

Sigh, more back pain

The good news is that last week’s back pain on the right has subsided, but last Thursday I must have pulled something near my left hip because I’ve had severe pain there since then. It’s been a bit better yesterday and today, but still painful to stand or walk. Had to cancel my yoga lesson yesterday because moving around was just too painful. Will try to get back to yoga today.