Oops, but yay!

So I had a doctors appointment today. It’s a reasonable length walk to get to the appointment because you have to go all the way into the main entrance and go through a Covid check and then all the way back to the clinic and up the elevator, so I generally use my scooter to get upstairs. Within the last six months I’ve been leaving the scooter in the waiting room and walking in to my appointment from there.
Today I got out of the car and started to pull my scooter out of the trunk, and realized that I had left the battery at home on the charger. Either I was going to miss the appointment, I’d be very late, or I was going to walk in. I chose to walk in.

I got upstairs, and my back was sore, but not excruciating. I got through the appointment, walked down to get an x-ray, and walked back out to the car. I am in pain, but not bad at all.