Latest stall continuing, back pain, some positives

I know I’m not supposed to focus on weight, but it’s hard. I was at 250, went up to 252, now at 251. Basically the same for a few weeks. I’m continuing to exercise, and keeping up with my water and protein intake, which is really important. I’m not doing anything wrong, and intellectually I know this happens a lot, but I’m still working very hard not to freak out.

Another thing that has made the last couple of weeks hard is that my back has been bad. I’ve been doing a lot, with moving things around with the window project and taking care of Simcha, so I’m sure that’s factoring in. But it’s still been pretty difficult.

On the positive side, I visited my nephew and his family. It was easier for me to get around than even the last time I was there, 10 lbs heavier. One thing I noticed is that when I was sitting in a chair and needed to reach down to something on the floor, it was easier, presumably because my belly was a bit smaller. Little things like this help.